Flash fiction is an even more brief form of storytelling characterized by its conciseness and succinctness. It is a genre of short fiction that aims to deliver a complete narrative in a very condensed format, typically ranging from a few sentences to a few hundred words. Flash fiction often focuses on a single moment, image, or idea, conveying a powerful and impactful story with an economy of words. It requires skillful use of language, precise storytelling techniques, and the ability to evoke emotion and engage readers within a limited space. Flash fiction offers a unique and intense reading experience, allowing for quick immersion and thought-provoking narratives in a compact form.
This version of La Pew is easily my favorite writing experience and my favorite story. Initially, I was reluctant to dip my toe into the world of flash fiction. Like, how am I supposed to tell a complete story in less than 1,000 words? It forced me to be wise with my pacing and vocabulary. It forced me to write more succinctly and concisely. This story is the one I'm the most proud of.
Another Way is a cool story about how people lose their sense of right and wrong while living on the fringes of society. The daily, desperate need to meet basic needs like shelter, food, drugs, and money overshadows any moral or ethical obligation to society or themselves.
La Pew-Suspense | 439 Words
Two young boys watch morning cartoons, their father prepares to commit a horrific crime that will alter them forever.
Another Way-True Crime | 528 Words
Frank and Cali are living a desperate life on the fringes of society. Every day is a struggle to survive. How far will they go to feed their habits and survive another day?
A short story is a fictional narrative that typically ranges from a few pages to several thousand words in length. It consists of a complete plot with developed characters, settings, and themes. Short stories offer more room for elaboration and exploration of the story elements, allowing for a deeper immersion in the narrative.
Pro Se is loosely based on a true story. Casey Rose is an actual person. Some of the facts of the legal system were dramatized for the sake of the story. However, the speech Casey gives is about as accurate as it gets when it comes to mass incarceration and sentencing laws.
Pro Se-True Crime | 973 Words
Casey Rose appeals a life sentence for his part in a federal drug conspiracy case.
Old Habits-True Crime | 2012 Words
All the things that could possibly go wrong when you're released from prison.
Mimi Stack's is the FBI's secret source when it comes to solving cases but, will they ever admit it?
A short script is a written document that outlines the dialogue, actions, and scenes of a short film or theatrical production. It serves as a blueprint for actors, directors, and other crew members involved in bringing the story to life. A short script typically follows a three-act structure, containing a clear beginning, middle, and end within a concise format. It includes scene descriptions, character names, dialogue, and stage directions to guide the performers and production team. Short scripts are commonly used for short films, student projects, web series, or as standalone dramatic or comedic pieces. They offer an opportunity to tell a complete story within a limited time frame, showcasing the creativity and storytelling skills of the writer.
5 O'Clock is one of those, 'what if', stories. The kind of story that could really happen to any of us, really. Therapists are only human and sometimes they have bad days. What happens if you happen to show up for therapy an hour before your therapist is set to retire? You might not get the kind of therapy you think you're going to get.
5 O'Clock-Dark, Situational Comedy | 1110 Words
This pilot episode for a television show is about the emotional trauma experienced by correspondent news reporters, otherwise known as "stringers."
A webisode is a term used to describe a short episode of a web series. Webisodes are specifically created and released for online distribution, often as part of a larger web series or online content. They are typically shorter in duration compared to traditional TV episodes and are designed to be easily consumed on the web or through streaming platforms. Webisodes can cover a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, animation, and more. They provide a convenient and accessible format for content creators to engage with their audience online.
The Kent Conspiracies-Collaborative Webisode | 1103 Words

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